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Author: Jim Dobson

Cool site

Date & time: 17. 1. 2007  05:55

Author: pastor Jesuspadam

Please check my ministry web site..

Date & time: 25. 11. 2006  08:56

Author: mimi

HI all of you in SVCC,Greethings from Lom,Bulgaria I miss you and I will never forgat you. I hope one day I will see you again.
God bless you

Date & time: 10. 10. 2006  15:33

Author: Lorie

I've recently returned to Canada from taking a course at IBTS. Thank you for the multi-cultural experience by attending Sarka Valley. It was a unique experience for me, and I will remember the people always.
God Bless you!

Date & time: 14. 6. 2006  15:59

Author: Rev Per Einar And Aina Jensen

Date & time: 3. 4. 2006  22:43

Author: Igor Grytsyk

WOW! It is one of the best church webpage I have ever seen. Im very glad you do have new design. Be blessed ya all.

Date & time: 9. 10. 2005  11:39

Author: Yana

Hey.... I wanted to say "Hello" to all members of SVCC..... I miss u guys very much.... I miss our Sunday worship... and Sunday school.... Hope one day to see u all again....
May God bless u....

Yana Odessa

Date & time: 15. 9. 2005  08:40

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