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Information from one of our Mission Projects by Magda Maria Pap MTh Girl's Conference: 10-12 of March 2006, Harghita Christian Camp, Romania:

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I will never forget the first days of January 2004. I arrived on the Campus of IBTS after a very busy time of New Year celebration. Nine months had passed since I completed my studies in IBTS and I started my service at Harghita Christian Camp, Romania. I came to spend time with friends: Lauran and Ruta, to share "in the living room" with a good cup of coffee joys and discouragements, everything that had been going on in our lives. I was struggling by that time to carry out a vision: to bring together young women, to learn and encourage each other. It seemed to me that the doors I am knocking are not opening and the ears are deaf. In this spiritual state I needed a good cup of coffee with my friends. As we shared, Keith Jones called me and told me about ©árka Valley Community Church's decision to support my ministry. In the midst of discouragement this was too big of an offer that I could process. How I am going to use that money… for what? And a short answer came from Lauran: use it for a purpose that no one else would give money for.

I rejoice today when I look back and see that in God's plan that was the exact amount of money we could organize a two days Girl's Conference in Transylvania. The gesture of support was an encouragement and a kick that I need in that moment. Thank you!

After the conference in September 2004 it became obvious: we need to repeat it because we learned from each other and were encouraged, experienced together that God speaks to us according to our specific needs. 10-12 of March 2006 will stay in my memory as a weekend of blessings, celebration and learning. The Theme of this second Girl's Conference was "You …were called to be free … serve one another humbly in love". (Gal. 5: 13.). The message of the conference was built around three key words: freedom, love and service. Freedom is the bases for Christian services and love should be the motivation. The ultimate goal of our Christian life is to use whatever God has given, the gifts He has placed in us, to serve "one another". We are set free and loved not just for our one benefit but also for the benefit of the communities that we belong: our families, our fellow followers of Christ and the society in which we are placed.

The message of the conference was built around personal testimonies: stories of how God drew His people closer to Him and gave them specific tasks to carry out in His service. We were honored to have as our main speaker, Lauran Bethell. Her ministry and spirituality was an example for the young women who gathered. Most of them have heard for the first time someone speaking about her calling to minister to women in prostitution. Others, representing Global Women (Sarah Stone, Susan Jones) and Teleios Ministry (Lucia Johnson) shared with us as well their own journey to freedom and the guidance they experience in serving on secular as well as ministerial platforms. Former students of IBTS in CAT Program Erika Szeredai, Renata Kiraly were there and were part of the program by sharing and translating.

I am writing to tell that God continue to bless the seed that has been planted in our hearts in IBTS and through the generous offering of ©árka Valley Community Church. I appreciate the heart and love of those who care to invest in people. This encourages me to follow their example.

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