Bible Study and home group programme

Mid week study and growth evenings - winter 2005/2006

We offer three mid-week meetings. These meetings are open to anyone and can be joined at anytime. These three mid-week meetings are planned to operate until January, 2006 at which time the church may begin a new cycle of mid-week meetings.

Book Study

Facilitator: Lauren Bethell

Topic: Various spiritual books chosen by the group itself. Currently the group is looking at the works of Henri Nouwen.

Ethos: This group typically reads the chapter ahead of the meeting time with the intention of discussion aimed at spiritual growth and encouragement which is followed by prayer.

Time: Monday, 19:00 - 21:00 (contact Lauren Bethell for details)

Place: International Baptist Theological Seminary, Room F155

Bible Study based on the Lectionary Reading

Facilitator: Team of SVCC members

Topic: Passages assigned from the Revised Common Lectionary.

Ethos: This group is typically facilitated by the person who will be preaching on the following Sunday and using the Revised Common Lectionary passages. As a group, they will reflect on the passages with the purpose of gaining insight and understanding into the meaning of the passages. Singing, prayer, and snacks are also a part of this group.

Time: Thursday, 18:30 - 20:00 (beginning 29 September, 2005)

Place: The venue of this group will change depending on the host for the night. The location will be posted on this website as well as on the SVCC bulletin board on the IBTS campus.

Growth Group

Facilitator: Team of SVCC members

Topic: This group's purpose is to help each other in their journeys of spiritual growth. Currently, they are using the book "The Life You Always Wanted" by John Ortberg as a basis for thought.

Ethos: This group typically will meet around the evening meal after having read the assigned chapter. They will discuss the application of the material in a way that will encourage each other to growth. The time together may include suggested assignments of application as well as prayer and singing.

Time: Tuesday, 18:00 - 20:00 (Beginning 13 September, 2005)

Place: International Baptist Theological Seminary, G Building Lounge

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