About ©árka Valley Community Church

Our congregation began worshipping here at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in November 1998. At that time there were about twenty participants. Since then, we have gathered each Sunday on the IBTS campus, with attendances at the services ranging from 60 to 100 per Sunday.

On 6 June 1999 we organised ourselves as a Baptist congregation, when seventeen participants signed our church covenant as "founding members". We were accepted as a church into the membership of the Czech Baptist Union at the Union's annual meeting in Spring, 2000. The church currently has over 40 members.

Our purpose in having an English-speaking congregation in this area of Prague (Prague 6) is to provide a worshipping community that is fully international. We wish to serve not only the Seminary community but also people who live and work in Prague. While our worship services use the English language as the main language of communication, we welcome and celebrate the other languages, music and worship traditions of the members of our congregation. We affirm the participation of everyone in ministry and encourage all to share their gifts in serving the Lord together in and through our fellowship. We have a programme for children, who normally participate in the first part of the main service then go to their own Sunday programme activities. We meet in the IBTS chapel in the village of Jenerálka on the 240 road.

We are served by a Moderator and three voluntary teams. A worship team organises the worship leadership. A discipleship and mission team is responsible for outreach and nurture. As well as adult services we have groups for children which meet during the morning service.

The third team looks after finance and administration, including the way finance is given to seek to meet needs outside the church.

We have a strong sense of mission and support the work of the Czech Baptist Union, European Baptist Mission, Baptist World Aid and the Baptist World Alliance. We are a Baptist World Alliance Global Impact Church. Members and former members of our church are serving as missionaries in Bosnia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

Mission Statement and Membership

Who We are (Identity Statement)

The ©árka Valley Community Church is a multicultural congregation seeking to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. We affirm the central truths of the Christian faith and seek to live those out in an intentional nurturing community, guided and built up by the scriptures and prayer. In our worship and in our daily lives we affirm that all believers, male and female, young and old, lay and ordained, are gifted for ministry by the Holy Spirit. We practice the baptism of believers and celebrate the Lord's Supper at least monthly. We are affiliated with the Bratrska Jednota Baptistů and are committed to co-operating with other Christians in ecumenical service and worship.

Why We Are Here (Mission Statement)

Our mission is to glorify God by ministering among citizens and expatriates in and beyond Prague through corporate worship, personal witness and holistic mission so that together we may be disciples of Jesus Christ growing in faith and service.

How One Can Join (Membership Statement)

Anyone can apply to join the church who accepts these basic statements of the church's identity and mission and who affirms the church covenant. Membership is open to any person professing that Jesus Christ is Lord and who has been baptised. A person may be received into membership by baptism, by a transfer of membership from another Christian church, or by an affirmation of faith.

Please feel free to join us in worship any Sunday at 10.45 in the IBTS Chapel. If you have further enquiries please contact us.

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